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  • Where can we find your Kaya?

    Our Kaya can be found all over Singapore in various forms, either in retail forms, where you can find them on the shelves of most supermarkets, at bakery shops, cafes/traditional coffee shops and restaurants and even online from some of the online stores listed herein. We also produced Kaya with no labels and for Branded institutions in Singapore. Our Kaya comes in various packing sizes ranging from retail consumer packing (in bottles) to bakery packing sizes in “kilo” packings.

  • What do you use as ingredients for your kaya?

    All our Kaya are made from natural quality ingredients supplied from long term established and reputable suppliers who have been with us for many decades. Our ingredients are fresh coconut milk, fresh eggs, fresh pandan leaves and raw sugar. Our products do not contain any artificial colour, aritifical flavour or artificial/chemical preservative.

    Because we do not use artificial/chemical preservative, our product’s shelf life is only 12 months instead of 3 years shelf life for others in the market.

  • Do you make LOW GI less sweet versions of Kaya?

    Yes, apart from our core premium Kaya, we do have many other varieties of kaya and kaya spread such as coffee kaya, pumpkin kaya, taro kaya and healthy choice variety such as no sugar, low sugar and low GI kaya.

  • Can you support us with private labels arrangements/OEM?

    Yes, we can. Please contact us to discuss more details and joint co-operation opportunities.

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