With over 25 years of experience in corporate finance, financial accounting and public markets, Mr Ting has served in various senior management roles in industries such as engineering and technology and companies listed on the Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, BudapestA� and Munich stock exchanges.

Mr Ting possesses a Bachelora��s of Commerce and Masters of Commerce from Australian universities. In addition, Mr Ting is a qualified Chartered Accountant and CPA (Australia) and a Fellow of the Institute of Taxation.

Besides Board functions, Mr Ting looks after all the backroom corporate support services and all other corporate functions within the Group such as international sales, franchise and business development.

Mr. Ting can be contacted at

Mr Tan established the brand Sing Kee Kaya in 1985. He is a fourth generation Hainanese using the art of traditional kaya making inherited from his great grandfather. Mr Tan is credited with the successful transformation of the traditional a�?kayaa�? making processes into a modern automated system that is able to capture the essence of the traditional homemade a�?Nanyanga�? traditional kaya in a fully automated factory environment.

Mr Tan is the key person who looks after all aspects of manufacturing and production within the Group.

Mr. Tan can be contacted at

Mr Chong has a strong background in information technology and business development, having been involved in the share registry industry for 37 years. Mr Chong established Advanced Share Registry Limited in 1996, and listed it on ASX in 2008. Starting with 6 clients, Advanced Share Registry has grown to become a key player within Australia. Mr Chong has served as the Managing Director of Advanced Share Registry Limited since June 2008. He brings to the Board his experience as a very successful entrepreneur in Australia

Mr Chong is an independent non-executive director.

Mr Lingoh is a businessman with extensive experience in the oil and gas industry having established a career with Shell, Technip, Chevron and Woodside Energy Australia.A� Mr Lingoh has also served as a director of Swiber Holdings Ltd, a company listed on Singapore Stock Exchange. See next cc cvv dumps right now.A� Mr Lingoh brings to the Board a range of business experience and strong corporate governance expertise. Besides being an expert in pipeline engineering, Mr Lingoh has also more than 35 years of experience in corporate operations, business development, project management, finance and human resource management.

Mr Lingoh is an independent non-executive director.

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